Are you a new age business still signing the old way?

Say hello to COUNTASIGN!

Countasign is the single space for you and your team to execute agreements, contracts and other documents that need a signature. It’s simple, fun and will seamlessly allow you to manage your document workflow.

Easy 3-step DOCUMENT execution process

Upload document on the go anywhere, anytime. And make it available for edit or send.

Edit documents anywhere through any smart device that is handy.

Receive counter signed document via an email and also find the same in your dashboard.

Integrations & Customizations



There’s no two ways about it. Security is always priority number one for us and we maintain industry standards. 


We get how socially awkward it is to constantly remind your counter signee of the pending documents. Let us handle it for you ???? 

Anytime, anywhere

Isn’t that the point of paperless contracts, anyway? Don’t let your physical location or time zone come in between you and your deals.

All your work in one place

Manage and stay on top of all your contracts through a shared place for your team.


Create your own legally binding e-signature. Your first step towards digitisation of your paper contracts.

Real-time Dashboard

Dashboard helps you track the progress made on your documents and take follow up actions.

On the Cloud

No downloads, no software updates needed. Any new feature we add to the product will be readily available to you. Isn’t that great?

Easy upload of documents

Upload of documents is like a breeze. It doesn’t matter where your documents are.. Device, Google Drive or dropbox. You can start working on it in a jiffy.

Guide your counter signee

Your Signees can find it difficult to find the right places to sign can in a lengthy doc. Place breadcrumbs allowing them to find the right path magically!!

Readily Integrated

Google Drive
Dropbox logo

Documents to be uploaded shall be anywhere in the personal cloud for instant upload. And executed documents shall be stored in either drive or dropbox based on your setup.

Frequently asked questions

As a Free user, you should be able to execute 3 documents a month. As a Premium user there are no limitations.

Word documents with extension doc, docx, PDF, PNG, Jpeg are the currently supported versions.

Countasign lets you easily store documents as templates. There are no limitations for both Free & Premium users.

Under free plan it is only One user. There is no possibility to add users under free plan. But during Trial as many users can be added & deleted.

14 days of free trial of the Premium plan currently and the plan automatically downgrades after trial period, unless it is upgraded.

Currently, the product is in Beta, and upon an email request to users shall continue to use the product for Free without any limitations.